Mission Statement


Our Vision:

By championing the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities that engage, challenge, inform and inspire the young people of Scotland it will contribute to the nation having a STEM-rich knowledge economy and being recognised as a STEM-literate society. 

Our Mission:

To promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities to young people and the wider community.

Our Values:

  • Our people are our greatest asset - we treat each other fairly, honestly and with respect.

  • Schools, colleges, industry, government and the community are our clients. We nurture strong relationships with them and welcome feedback to ensure our operation remains focused on their needs.

  • We embrace, promote and actively seek partnerships to realise our vision and deliver our aims.

  • Health, Safety and the Environment are at the heart of our planning, operation and delivery.

  • We demand clear financial reporting and manage financial risk in all areas of our business.




TechFest's vision, mission and values all reflect our commitment and understanding, borne from knowledge and experience, of what is required to be successful designing, developing and delivering schools engagement projects.

TechFest has an enviable record of engagement with schools in the North-East and throughout Scotland. This is reflected in our level of activity, reputation and knowledge of the education community in each of the 32 Local Authority areas.


TechFest is an innovative charity which consistently provides quality STEM events and with over 20 years experience in promoting STEM subjects, this enables us to identify effective activities and measure impact.




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