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Covering key Curriculum of Excellence experiences and outcomes for Space and Forces, we can now offer to take students on a journey through space and time in this truly interactive and immersive experience.

TechFest Dome is an out-of-this-world adventure not to be missed! 


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Using the latest Digitarium Zeta projection technologies in the comfort of our new inflatable dome, TechFest can illustrate concepts and principles in an exciting way that engages participants of all ages. Building on our previous programmes, these shows have been updated to match this new technology. The TechFest Dome offers two exciting shows: Day & Night and Night Sky



Day & Night
What makes day and night? Where does the Sun go at night? This show demonstrates how the Sun moves across the sky during the day in both summer and winter. Find the North Star, the Plough, Orion, Betelgeuse and Sirius in the night sky and relate them to the Greek constellations. 
Age Range: EY & P1-P3  Duration: 45 minutes




Night Sky

A tour of the night sky which includes the North Star, the Plough and Orion. Watch how stars move at night and discover how we get different constellations with the changing seasons. Listen to the amazing story of Perseus and Andromeda and find out which planets you can see in the sky tonight.  Age Range: P4 - P7 Duration: 45 minutes 


Booking information:

A minimum of two shows must be booked per visit.Fee: £96 per workshop

Due to the high cost of living we have had to take the hard decision to apply mileage costs to all our workshops. To make it fair to all schools across the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire area we have averaged out the cost to £15 and will place this on all bookings from 01 April 2023.

For schools outwith Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, mileage is charged at 45p per mile and is calculated from TechFest offices (Butchart Centre, University of Aberdeen, University Road, Aberdeen, AB24 3UT).



Check out New Machar School getting involved with the TechFest Dome here


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