Engineer 'N' Our Lives

The Engineer 'n' Our Lives programme aims to help children appreciate how the skills they learn in school are used by engineers in real life.

The five-day programme consists of four curriculum-based challenges where pupils work as if they are engineers in the workplace.

The week culminates in a whole school Celebration Event where the children display some of their work and share their experiences with industry professionals and each other. 

Live Wire Productions, in partnership with Techfest and supported by industry professionals, has successfully delivered the Engineer 'n' Our Lives programme to over 4000 pupils since 2012. Each child is asked to complete four 20-30 minute challenges based on the Curriculum for Excellence.

By successfully completing these challenges, the pupils will recognise that they have used the same skills that engineers use in their day-to-day work. The challenges require the children to follow a brief, meet deadlines, solve problems and use teamwork, all while improving their knowledge - and thinking just like professional engineers! 

All challenges are age-specific and the kit and materials provided crossover with the learning spectrum of Aural, Visual and Kinaesthetic learning. For example, the challenges link an art class to civil engineering, a drama class to electrical engineering, a maths class to design engineering and a science materials class to chemical engineering.

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 Kingsford Primary School Celebration Event 2014, sponsored by Chevron.


"Overall, the Engineering Week in our school was a big success. Each class teacher had a challenge booklet and CPD input prior to the event. The Engineering Week began with Engineers from the sponsor visiting the School and working with all classes along with the Live Wire staff. Each class had to do a Design, Properties, Prototype and Process challenge."
Staff Feedback from Milltimber Primary School
"The children and staff enjoyed the week and found the experience very valuable. Some children, particularly some of our ASN and some of our harder to reach children, were very engaged with the tasks and it showed some of their creative skills."
Sarah Webb, Headteacher at Fernielea Primary School




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