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‘TechFest’s STEM on the Farm’: Showcasing STEM’s Vital Role in Scottish Food Production


The Food & Drink sector (including Agriculture and Fisheries) is the 3rd largest sector employer, comprising approx. 120,000 workers. But, despite significant growth, the media’s depiction of farming often doesn’t highlight the vast range of career paths that must come together to maintain our nation’s food security.

In a new programme for 2024, we aim to change this perception by highlighting the various STEM-based competencies and meta-skills required to keep Scotland’s agriculture industry moving and thriving.


Welcome to ‘TechFest’s STEM on the Farm’

‘TechFest’s STEM on the Farm’ is a five-day programme (delivered one day per week over five weeks) that invites P6 pupils from schools across the North East of Scotland to participate in project-based, curriculum-linked learning and explore each stage of the food production supply chain.

Aimed at P6 pupils, each day of the programme addresses a part of the food production process, including the work of agricultural engineers, farm workers, food scientists, logistics experts, etc. Guided by expert STEM Ambassadors from each section of the supply chain, pupils develop their STEM knowledge through immersive workshops and discover the impact agricultural innovations have on food production.

The knowledge they gain from the programme is then used to create eye-catching display boards and instruct the script for an end-of-project assembly attended by parents, carers, and the school community.

By participating in ‘TechFest’s STEM on the Farm’, pupils learn about food security, climate impact, health & nutrition, modern agricultural innovations, animal care, and how STEM plays a vital role in all of these.

By highlighting how these young people could be part of the generation that makes food production more secure with less environmental impact, the programme sends a powerful and long-lasting message that they can see play out in their daily lives every time they sit down to eat.


Volunteer Opportunity

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