Activity Weekend

TechFest Activity Weekend Goes Digital  


TechFest Activity Weekend Goes Digital supported by      Rockrose Energy HIGH RES


 TechFest offers people of all ages the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with science and technology. It fires the imagination by allowing young people the chance to try things out themselves and to ask questions directly of experts, opening up the world of science and technology to all and inspire a future in an ever-evolving space. It is a hugely successful event for Aberdeen and one which RockRose Energy is proud to support. - Peter Mann / Managing Director / RockRose Energy


The Activity Weekend is many people's favourite part of TechFest so this year we have made it digital! We have two days filled with content from some amazing STEM sources as well as competitions with prizes you won’t want to miss. Activities include Colour Detectives with Aberdeen Science Centre, Amazing Soap Bubbles with Philip Noble, Wobble NanoJelly Experiment with Really Small Science and much more. 

We really do have something for everyone coming your way and we can’t wait to virtually spend the weekend with you! 





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- Click here to download mini chromatography butterflies activity sheet. 


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- Click here to learn how to make DNA.

- Click here to learn how to make a Wildlife Mask.

- Click here to learn how to make a bird seed cake. 


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 - Did you know that we are all made of star dust?  Imagine that!  Watch this short video which shares some surprising, but cool facts about stars. Why they look different colours, how many stars there are and even how the light from the stars actually travels through time.  Who would have thought that the tiny specs of light we see in the sky at night could be so amazing! Click here to watch the video. 

- Paperclip Motor STEM Experiment by Silly Squad 2020: click here to watch the video. 

- Atmospheric Pressure Experiment by Silly Squad 2020: click here to watch the video. 



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         Destination Space and Colour Detectives, Autumn STEM


- Watch Space Lander Egg Drop video here

- Watch Colour Detectives video here

- Watch Space Junk video here


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         Glasgow Science Festival


- Check out GSC's new activity pack for Monumental: Scotland's Women of Science here


  • Inverness 

         Inverness Science Festival Activity Sheets


- Binary Beads (download)

- What's the Weather (download)

- Hungry Caterpillar (download) 



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         Really Small Science – Activity Sheet


- Wobble Nano Jelly (download)




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         Philip Noble 


- The introductory video shows how to make soap bubbles with bare hands. Going deeper into web page www.bubblestrings.com you can follow links to instructions for making bubbles of various shapes and sizes: click here to wacth the video. 

- Introduction to Ethnomathematics. Click here to watch the video. 


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         Dundee Science Centre Video 


- Watch Rube video here

- How to make your own compost. Click here to watch the video. 


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         One Code Base 


- In this episode of LevelUp from CodeBase Stirling, Kelly and Barry have a bash at Code Combat - a fun way to learn coding. Solve puzzles, defeat ogres and learn the basics of Python: click here to wacth the video. 



  • canbalance 



- Click here for Matt's YouTube channel  



  •     NASA 2018 Committee 0.1

       NASA Interview With Heather Paul


- Click here to watch the video.




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         Gavin Ingo – Fossils for Kids  


- How Fossils Are Made: click here for the video. 

- Science Festival 2020: click here for the video.

- Metal Detecting: click here for the video.

- Goldpanning: click here for the video.  

- Fossil Collection Trust: click here for the video.




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          Skills Development Scotland Videos


- Meet the Expert - Finance: click here to watch the video. 

- My World of Work Live Cornflour Goo: click here to watch the video. 

- My World of Work Live Invisibility: click here to watch the video.  

- My World of Work Live Spinning Water: click here to watch the video. 




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          Institution of Civil Engineering 


- Click here for fun family activities to do at home.  






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